Erasmus Movez Lab

Together with the partners within the Movez Network, we as Erasmus Movez Lab conduct research on the themes of youth, well-being and digital media. This way, we make the connection between research, education and society.

Ons team

Moniek Buijzen

Moniek researches the potential of the digital media environment to stimulate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her ambition is to develop effective and responsible (social) media campaigns for young people, together with all stakeholders.

Esther Rozendaal

Esther researches the digital resilience of young people. She aims to gain insights that can help young people make the best use of the opportunities offered by digital media, while guarding against its risks.

Crystal Smit

Crystal conducts research on motivating healthy behaviours in adolescents taking influences of their social environment into account. She believes that young people should be given the autonomy to decide for themselves how they want to live healthy.

Thabo van Woudenberg

Thabo investigates the influence of the social network on young people's healthy behaviours. He does so by understanding how young people influence each other, but also by encouraging key players within the group to promote healthy behaviours.

David Blok

David conducts research on promoting healthy lifestyles. He aims to work with stakeholders to identify effective lifestyle interventions. In doing so, he uses innovative techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and modelling.

Chiara de Jong

Chiara researches digital media literacy among young people and the role of all stakeholders in this. She hopes this will give young people more ownership and empowerment to use digital media safely and responsibly.

Bojan Simoski

Bojan researches the effective application of AI in digital health interventions. He brings machine learning and AI into play to develop user-centred interventions that promote healthy lifestyle among youth.

Jonas Schlicht

Jonas researches how social influence processes on social media shape diet-related behaviours of adolescents. By understanding online social influences, he aims to design more effective and engaging social media campaigns for healthy lifestyles.

Hannah Volman

Hannah conducts research on young people and digital privacy. By learning from and with young people, she explores how young people's perspectives on digital privacy can be incorporated into digital health campaigns.

Ying Chuck

Ying conducts research on digital media literacy among young people and how it can be promoted among them. To gain these insights, she engages young people in her research by exploring the online world and online behaviours with them.

Kim Doornhein

Kim is involved in the communication within the Erasmus Movez Lab and contributes to research projects. By co-creating with youth, she gains insight into their perception and experiences and uses this for communication towards this target group.