Young people are making extensive use of digital media technologies. This presents a unique opportunity to use artificial intelligence (AI) to help young media users achieve a lifestyle and environment that is healthy and sustainable. Within AiMovez, research is conducted on how artificial intelligence can be deployed on large data sets to predict human communication and behaviour. The goal is to develop digital interventions driven by artificial intelligence. 


The following articles are part of the research theme AiMovez.

Movez Lab participates in the Gravitation programme about the Algorithmic Society

The algorithmic society (ALGOSOC) consortium receives the Gravitation Grant for research on safeguarding public values and human rights in the development of (semi-)automated processes, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moniek and Esther from the Movez Lab are part of ALGOSOC and are pleased with this opportunity for research and multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in our lives: "That tech companies are deciding upon public values is dangerous"

The Erasmus initiative 'Societal Impact of AI' aims to bring together knowledge around AI from different disciplines and co-creates with society.

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Students help organisations with solutions to societal problems

During our minor 'Positive behavioural change in the digital age', students from Erasmus University Rotterdam get to work on social issues of organisations. Perhaps a collaboration with our minor students can also be interesting for your organisation.

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Why we need art to co-create the societal impact of AI

The Erasmus University Rotterdam has established the Erasmus AiPact, a collaboration between science and society to fully leverage the potential of AI and minimize the risks. Art is crucial in this collaboration because it helps us imagine the future, gives us purpose and has potential for socially relevant goals.

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Study with impact: Will you become a changemaker during our minor 'Positive Behaviour Change in the Digital Age'?

Would you like to work on a societal problem for an organisation during your studies? read more about our minor 'positive behavioural change in the digital age'.

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Parental consent research: What is parents view on this?

At the Movez Lab, we primarily conduct research on young people. For this, we ask the permission of their parents, but in what way do parents find this most preferable?

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