Young people are growing up in a world where computers, tablets and smartphones are part of their daily lives. This technology offers important opportunities for entertainment, education, communication and cultural development, but also brings along well-being and safety risks. Within MediaMovez, we study - together with youth - how we can empower them to use media in a safe, responsible and healthy manner.  


The articles below are part of the research theme MediaMovez.


Media literacy: how do we become more aware of how we deal with media?

What does youth's increasing media use mean for their well-being? What positive effects can this media use have? And how do we combat the digital divide? The Movez Lab and Netwerk Mediawijsheid are working together on these themes, towards a media-literate Dutch population. Read more about it here!

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Students help organisations with solutions to societal problems

During our minor 'Positive behavioural change in the digital age', students from Erasmus University Rotterdam get to work on social issues of organisations. Perhaps a collaboration with our minor students can also be interesting for your organisation.

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Research on online hurtful behaviour: "Even if children think certain things go far, the fear of getting nasty reactions themselves is greater"

Online hurtful behaviour is increasingly common. Research by Esther Rozendaal en Chiara de Jong shows that people don't always stand up for the victims.

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Block or Bless

Forwarding unwanted nude photos, removing someone from a group app because of their sexual preference, racist comments on Instagram posts: online hurtful behaviour is common and a hot topic, especially among young people. Often, people assume that knowledge will bring the desired change to positive behaviour. But research shows that it’s not knowledge but the social environment that’s most influential.

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Study with impact: Will you become a changemaker during our minor 'Positive Behaviour Change in the Digital Age'?

Would you like to work on a societal problem for an organisation during your studies? read more about our minor 'positive behavioural change in the digital age'.

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Youth as co-researchers: What does your online world look like?

You are not guinea pigs, are you? On the contrary, we think you can research with us. Primary and secondary school students have already done this with us, curious how? Read it here and watch the video.

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