Our insights: what does the online world of youth look like?

Youth are growing up with digital media, this may be accompanied with various benefits but also with risks for youth’s wellbeing, privacy, and cybersecurity. To minimize these risks, while enabling youth to benefit from the opportunities, it is necessary to empower youth to perform media literate behaviors online.

While media literacy education has shown to increase media knowledge among youth, this does not necessarily ensure the performance of media literate behaviors online. The Movez Lab accepted the challenge to research how we can empower youth to perform media literate behaviors online. For this, existing theories need to be expanded and integrated with youth insights.

Ying, researcher at the Movez Lab, uses a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) approach to gain youth’s insights within the MediaMovez project (read more about our YPAR sessions here). This way, together with youth, we explore what their online world looks like, what kind of media use is important to them and how they can use media in a safe, responsible, and healthy manner.

We gained many new insights, you can read the first insights below!




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