Movez Lab participates in the Gravitation programme about the Algorithmic Society

The algorithmic society (ALGOSOC) consortium (led by the University of Amsterdam) receives the Gravitation Grant for research on safeguarding public values and human rights in the development of (semi-)automated processes, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moniek Buijzen and Esther Rozendaal from the Movez Lab are part of ALGOSOC. The project is a perfect fit for the Movez Lab and offers the opportunity for multidisciplinary collaborations.

Social consequences of AI

Moniek is pleased that the consortium is also looking at the social aspects of AI. "AI has a clear impact on our society. Just think of systems used by banks or health insurance companies. You can see that prejudices or biases arise in them. An example of this is the benefits affair with the Tax Authorities. The impact of that is enormous".

People power machines

AI Systems often appear to be technology and efficiency-driven, forgetting human values such as autonomy, dignity and privacy. "They come into play, and that needs to be rethought. For this very purpose, we need the social sciences and humanities. In the past three years, we have seen the urgency of this issue grow. I am glad that we can now get to work. The consortium's research also fits in perfectly with our Movez lab and the Erasmus Initiative 'Societal Impact of AI'." according to Moniek.

Research of international top level

The Gravitation programme is implemented by NWO on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf: "For top-level international research, peace and quiet are essential. With this major boost we are offering long-term prospects and adequate funding to collaborating excellent research groups. Researchers from these scientific consortia, who are among the world's best in their field, can use Gravitation to work on groundbreaking research."