The Dutch Media Literacy Network

The Dutch Media Literacy Network (‘Netwerk Mediawijsheid’) is committed to working towards a future where everyone is – or is well on their way towards becoming – media literate. Media literacy allows one to move more easily and more securely through a society in which (online) media play an increasingly important role.

Together with Esther Rozendaal and Chiara de Jong of the Erasmus Movez Lab, the Dutch Media Literacy Network conducted research into bystander behaviour in online hate and shaming. The Dutch Media Literacy Network comments the following about this collaboration with Movez: "The research methodology was innovative and, thanks to the clear research report, we were able to bring out the insights in various communication forms during the Week of Media Literacy. Thanks to the collaboration with the Erasmus Movez Lab, the Week of Media Literacy was given a strong content and campaign message, where we were able to make scientific knowledge available to a broader audience. In addition, we were able to make valuable knowledge available to our network of professionals. The pressure was high at times, but the content always remained the focus. We are very grateful for the flexible and approachable attitude and have found the cooperation very pleasant."